Nasty Problem With OCZ Vertex 3 SSD on Lenovo W520 Solved

Recently, I posted about the new SSD drive I have for my Lenovo W520 Core-I7 smokin’ fast notebook computer (OCZ Vertex 3)  Clearly I was in the honey moon period because everything seemed blazingly fast. However, reality set in and the computer started hanging, refusing to boot all the way, have pregnant pauses, etc.  I called OCZ tech support and they suggest reload a fresh version of windows (now that’s a big help!).  I then posted to the Lenovo forums asking for advice on anything special I need to do when reloading. Instead, I got what seems to be the answer to my problem from a user by the name of “Gan” from Norway. … Continue Reading

Moving To Super Fast SSD OCZ Vertex 3 For My Lenovo W520

Important Update 5/13/2011: .../nasty-problem-with-ocz-vertex-3-ssd-on-lenovo-w520-solved/ Let me get the fireworks out of the way first so you don’t need to wait for the numbers   OCZ Technology 240 GB Vertex 3 SATA III 6.0 Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive VTX3-25SAT3-240G: Electronics   For those that don’t know what these numbers represent, let me tell you, this is a screamer!  The W520 actually supports the SATA III interface spec which goes up 600MB.  I was wondering if it would actually work and I have to say, if it’s showing Sequential reads of 472.2 MB/second, it must be working.  The drive holds 240Gig and currently costs about $600. In contrast, the … Continue Reading

SSD (Solid State Drives) Seemed Too Good To Pass Up

Some Background I recently notice on Amazon a discussion thread of about 15 people saying how absolutely wonderful SSDs are and how the brought new life to their notebook computers.  Every one of them raved about the magic this brought into their lives. Well, after checking out the prices and performance, it seems that right now there are two classes of these drives.  It seems there is a first generation drive that performs in the area of 15/40Mbs/sec and ones that perform in the 100/170Mbs/sec.  To put this in perspective, when people refer to SATA/150 or SATA/300, the 150 and 300 are the Mbs/sec.  With Vista resource manager, you can actually see for yourself how man Mbs/sec you are actually getting.  Below is a … Continue Reading


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