A Great New Book on Business Intelligence Solutions and Sql Server 2008 by Lynn Langit

I’m sure many of you know Lynn Langit.  Her role at Microsoft has been a Developer Evangelist of many of the business software offerings from Microsoft including Sharepoint and SqlServer and it’s many offerings.  She’s always been a wealth of great information about those products and it’s great to see she’s got a book out about one of her favorite topics, Business Intelligence. So far, I’ve read the first four chapters and have skimmed the rest.  I am so far very impressed with both how well it’s written and the depth of topics the book covers.  As I read more, I’ll come back and update this post.  I have no doubts I will get a lot out of this book, as I’m sure practically anyone else who buys it will also. … Continue Reading

First Experience with Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition, I love it!!!

As a developer who has spent much of my life doing DBA type work, I really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of what Microsoft Visual Studio Team has put together with the Database Edition and can be seen for sale here as the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN Download - Download Direct from Microsoft I'll first try and explain in a nutshell what it is.  Then I'll go through an example of creating a Visual Studio Database Project out of a site I've been working on to show the steps.  Finally, I'll give a short summary reliving the experience and giving you some other pointers that may help you get through the experience. What is VS2008 Database Edition? Basically, what VS2008 does is to first process … Continue Reading

LINQPad is Totally Awesome at Testing and Writing LINQ Queries

http://www.linqpad.net/ - Use with Microsoft .Net for building Query type expressions with LINQ I'm not a wizard at writing LINQ expressions so I often find myself in Google looking for something similar to what I want, then I put it into my application and run it. This has worked pretty well, but it takes a couple iterations to get it right. It occured to me that someone probably has written a LINQ interpreter so I just guessed the name, LINQPad, typed it into search, and I find the authors of the book C# 3.0 in a nutshell, Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari, (which I like a lot) have written it. … Continue Reading


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