Introduction To Using RIA Services In Silverlight (Article 1 of 7)

This series of video presentations goes through the process of building a Speaker and Sessions Viewer for Silicon Valley Code Camp’s data using Silverlight 4 and RIA Services (Using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2).  It starts with a brief introduction of RIA Services and is followed by screen casts and blog posts the parallel each screen cast. The actual presentation was done at the Microsoft office in San Francisco. … Continue Reading

ExtJS Meetup Tonight in San Francisco, Sample URLs of Running Code Here

At tonight's meet up, we will be having several short presentations on the new features in ExtJS version 3.0.  For my short presentation, I will be showing how to build a simple application that lets you Create, Update, Delete and Edit Membership data using the ASP.NET built in membership providers.  I will be leverage code from an MSDN article I wrote a while back here along with the URL to the meetup location. My plan is to do a progression where I start with a trivial GridPanel, then work myself in 5 steps to a full working membership editor that looks like this: … Continue Reading

Come See Me at VSLive in Las Vegas, June 9th (2 Sessions)

I’m doing two sessions at VS-Live in June.  Both sessions are in the track. One is on High Speed performance in ASP.Net, and the other is on using ExtJS (a brilliantly fast rich JavaScript library).  Hope to see you there! Here are the descriptions: VM1 Build Blazingly Fast ASP.NET Apps with 100% Clientside UI ExtJS Peter Kellner Intermediate Need a web application that has the responsiveness and interactivity of a forms app but still looks and feels like a web? One of the best kept secrets (at least to the Microsoft community) is ExtJS. It's a different paradigm then we are all use to, but the results are spectacular. Take a look at this url and you will see as well as learn how to do this yourself. The hardest … Continue Reading

Come to Portland Code Camp and see me Present ExtJS with ASP.NET Membership (May 30th) Portland Code Camp - May 30, 2009 at Reed College Building Membership with ExtJS (Super Rich JavaScript Library) JavaScript | extjs | ASP.NET In this session, we will demonstrate building a super rich JavaScript interface to the standard ASP.NET Membership and Profile services. That is, built into ASP.NET are wonderful providers that allow you to validate and store user credentials typically to a database. It also lets you store other information such as pictures, first and last names, as well as anything else you may want to store. In this session we will build a highly performing, 100% JavaScript UI to maintain hundreds of thousands of users. As part of this solution, techniques for … Continue Reading


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