Why In Sencha’s ExtJS or Sencha Touch Source is so Important

Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to turn grouping on and off in a Sencha ExtJS store. That is, I have a page that looks like the following where I want to have a checkbox to turn the grouping page on and off depending on how the user wants to see the display. So, I look in the help and I don’t find a method in the “store” documentation that says enableGrouping or disableGrouping.  I do find one that says “isGrouped” however.  So, clicking on the view source for that I now see source as follows: which tells me that if there are no “groupers” defined that my store is not grouped. Just sayin… … Continue Reading

Using ExtJS with WebAPI CheckBoxList Setting Defaults Correctly

Often, we found ourselves creating lists of checkboxes with Sencha’s ExtJS and we want to call Microsoft’s WebAPI in Visual Studio.  ExtJS by default wants to send form values on and off and WebAPI expects booleans which are true and false.  You can override this in the ExtJS 4.2.1 checkbox control by setting inputValue: ‘true’ and uncheckedValue: ‘false’ on every checkbox, or, you can take advantage of the “defaults” parameter in the checkboxgroup and then you do not have to do it on each checkbox.  Here is what are checkbox group looks like rendered. The code to generate it is below (notice the default: attribute in the JavaScript) { xtype: 'checkboxgroup', border: 1, defaults: { inputValue: 'true', … Continue Reading

Working With Radio Buttons In Sencha Touch Form Panels

  Background For some reason, radio buttons always seem to be tricky no matter what technology I’m using.  What I plan to show here is how to work with Radio Buttons in a Sencha Touch (2.2.1) form, how to default the value you want, and how to read the value a user sets.  Just to bring this into perspective, I’m currently building our mobile web application for our upcoming Silicon Valley Code Camp October 5th and 6th.  We want the attendees to able to select a session, then state whether they plan on attending or are just interested.  The problem is we need to show what their previous intention was when the form comes up so we need to bring up the radio button group, then set the current value.  Here is what … Continue Reading

Display Load Mask (Waiting…) with Sencha Touch on Ajax Call

  One of the nice features of using Sencha Touch (and ExtJS for that matter) lists (Ext.dataview.List) is that you can simply set the parameter masked to true and when the store retrieves data, a nice “loading” make appears letting your user know that something is happening and the browser is just not frozen while we wait for data. (example follows): Ext.create('Ext.List', { fullscreen: true, itemTpl: '{title}', store: 'mystore', masked: { xtype: 'loadmask',message: 'loading' }}); If you want to get data using Sencha Touch and the Ext.Ajax method, you don’t get this nice masked option so you have to do it yourself. The strategy is basically this: Create a task that will put up a load mask when the task … Continue Reading


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