Using ExtJS 4, JavaScript, And Visual Studio to Generate a Compiled SPA App with Sencha CMD

  Here are the simple steps to start a fresh ExtJS 4 MVC project and then use CMD to create a deployment package.  I’m using Visual Studio WebAPI as my server but you could use any for this.  Here are the steps. 1.  Expand out your ExtJS distribution into some directory.  In my case, that directory is C:\VCProject\SVCodeCampWeb\WebAPI\ext- 2.  Create a Visual Studio WebAPI project and copy the path of the root of the project (web site) into some place you can pull it from (paste buffer is my suggestion).  In my case, this is  C:\VCProject\SVCodeCampWeb\WebAPI 3.  Install Sencha’s CMD SDK from their web site and also make sure you have ruby and compass installed (directions on … Continue Reading

Using ExtJS with WebAPI CheckBoxList Setting Defaults Correctly

Often, we found ourselves creating lists of checkboxes with Sencha’s ExtJS and we want to call Microsoft’s WebAPI in Visual Studio.  ExtJS by default wants to send form values on and off and WebAPI expects booleans which are true and false.  You can override this in the ExtJS 4.2.1 checkbox control by setting inputValue: ‘true’ and uncheckedValue: ‘false’ on every checkbox, or, you can take advantage of the “defaults” parameter in the checkboxgroup and then you do not have to do it on each checkbox.  Here is what are checkbox group looks like rendered. The code to generate it is below (notice the default: attribute in the JavaScript) { xtype: 'checkboxgroup', border: 1, defaults: { inputValue: 'true', … Continue Reading

Leading BOF Session on Building SenchaTouch 2.0 App Coming to Mountain View May 25, 2012

I’m leading a 3 hour hands on lab titled "MindSource Birds of a Feather 55 (BoF) - Developing Mobile Applications using SenchaTouch 2.0" on May 23rd in Mountain View California.  This is our first go around this so we are limiting attendance so if you are interested, you’ll need to sign up asap.  The URL to sign up is We do have a small $20 free to both help cover some costs as well as get a clear picture of what attendance will be.  MindSource will be picking up the additional expenses beyond the $20 paid fees. Hope to see you there! Here are the details: Join us for this fast-paced hands-on lab where you will develop your own working mobile application to run … Continue Reading

Details On The ExtJS Application to Build Simple CRUD operation Using Models and Stores

  Part 1 Basics (mostly server side) Part 2 (this) ExtJS Client Side Details   *For those who are intersted in this, I just posted a 3 part series on using ExtJS 4.2 with Microsoft's new WebAPI Restful Interface.  The new WebAPI is more efficient on the server side and the coding to REST makes the ExtJS side simpler. (March 13, 2013)    Part 1 In the first article, a very simple updater was build using Sencha’s ExtJS and Microsoft’s Entity Framework Code First.  The focus was really on the server side while the client side project was included for reference.  The client side app was barely discussed.  In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail what is happening on the client side and how the … Continue Reading


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