Droid 4 Versus Samsung Charge

  A Little Background As many of you know, I’ve been slowly pulled to the dark side and use both a macbook and IPad.  I still use an android phone though so I have not been completely subsumed.  About 18 months ago, I started using a Samsung Charge.  A very pretty 4G Verizon phone with a great screen, single core processor and no keyboard.  Three months ago, I finally gave in and replaced with with a Droid 4 with a keyboard.  I just could not get use to no keyboard. Well, today, biking down Mt. Hamilton (an 18 mile descent), I believe my Droid 4 jumped from my pocket and is somewhere on the road.  So, I went home, got my old Samsung Charge and took it to Verizon to reactivate it.   Samsung Charge … Continue Reading

Moving To Super Fast SSD OCZ Vertex 3 For My Lenovo W520

Important Update 5/13/2011: .../nasty-problem-with-ocz-vertex-3-ssd-on-lenovo-w520-solved/ Let me get the fireworks out of the way first so you don’t need to wait for the numbers   OCZ Technology 240 GB Vertex 3 SATA III 6.0 Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive VTX3-25SAT3-240G: Electronics   For those that don’t know what these numbers represent, let me tell you, this is a screamer!  The W520 actually supports the SATA III interface spec which goes up 600MB.  I was wondering if it would actually work and I have to say, if it’s showing Sequential reads of 472.2 MB/second, it must be working.  The drive holds 240Gig and currently costs about $600. In contrast, the … Continue Reading

Linux Web Hosting At HostGator Review, Thumbs Up

Background About a month ago,  purchased to Level 3 VPS (Virtual Private Servers) running Linux for about $50 a piece.  I’m close to launching a new product and that’s product customized shopping experience, forums and web site are all built with php.  I had several things that were important to me. Full Service Linux Hosting PCI Certified for processing Credit Cards First Class Customer Service I’ve always known of HostGator by it’s excellent reputation so it was an easy choice.  Up until this week, I did  not realize what an excellent decision I had made. … Continue Reading

SPRINT Samsung Epic 4G First Impressions / HTC EVO Returned Yesterday

      A Little History Let me start off by saying that the HTC EVO has raised my expectations of what to expect from a smart phone.  About two years ago, I switched to one of the first Android phones that came out.  It had a very clunky keyboard slideout, it was very heavy, the interface was awkward and overall it was just not a good user experience.  Even things like GMail did not work well.  You could not do basic things like go from one email to the next without returning to the inbox first. Fast Forward 18 months.  I have a Palm Pre which I’m pretty happy with.  It has a nice keyboard, nice email client for Microsoft Exchange, and though not many apps, it’s a pretty nice phone.  … Continue Reading


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