Microsoft To Add Auto-Compiled LINQ Queries to Entity Framework V.Next!

  In May of 2009 I discovered some significant performance problems that I blogged about.  In summary, I had tracked it down to the issue of LINQ2SQ having to create a full expression tree on every instantiation of a LINQ2SQL query.  I’m not a compiler write kind of guy but do respect the complexity of that and doing things like building expression trees, but still this really sucked.  Using the compile syntax in LINQ2SQL is very awkward, and IMHO takes all the fun out of using LINQ2SQL.  If you don’t remember my post, here is the graph showing the evil happening.   So, what is a Microsoft MVP to do?  I complained to everyone at Microsoft I knew.  I made this my mission for about a year.  I … Continue Reading

How Fast are In Memory LINQ Evaluations for Doing Simple Things?

So, I recently blogged about the huge penalty for not compiling your LINQ2SQL.  This problem is so big that it occurred to us that maybe all of LINQ has the problem.  So, time for a simple test.  Below is a very simple program that basically generates a list of Ids.  In one case, it’s using LINQ, and the other just Plain C#.  The code is pretty self explanatory.  Here are the results: Test Performed Time to Do 100000 iterations Using LINQ 52ms Using Simple C# 35ms Well, my fears are put aside.  Though LINQ is somewhat slower, for 100,000 iterations, .052 seconds is pretty good.  (compared with processing a single not to … Continue Reading

Building High Performance ASP.NET Web Applications Downloads

This past Wednesday, June 25th 2008, I did a presentation titled "Building High Performance ASP.NET Web Applications" to the Bay Area Association of Database Developers (BAADD).  Through out the presentation, I showed an application in Visual Studio 2008.  I'm including that project file here as well as the power point slides used in the demonstration. Download Solution - And the Power Point Presentation: Power Point Presentation Any Questions, feel free to contact me at … Continue Reading

Speaking Next Week (Wednesday 6/25) At Microsoft Office in San Francisco June Meeting - Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Remember Our New Location:  835 Market Street, Suite 700. … Continue Reading


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