Managing Your Mailbox Size In Office365 Exchange Email (using archive)

Background I’ve been using Microsoft exchange for many many years hosted through different exchange hosted providers.  For the last year or so I’ve been using Microsoft’s Office365 solution.  At this point, I’ve got over 10Gig of email which means that every time I set up outlook on a new computer it’s a long wait until all the email gets downloaded (ost file bloat). The Solution / Enable Archive! Turns out, that built into Office365 (I assume exchange also) there is a simple solution.  You simply log into your office365 admin portal and turn on archiving. In my case, I log in to choose “Exchange” then, on the right sidebar choose enable archiving. This will automatically create a … Continue Reading

Making Outlook 2010 Forget Cached Names in the To: CC: BCC fields

Do you ever find that after you have changed some ones name in your email, you keep getting the old address popping up in the two field?  I’ve had friends tell me 10x to stop sending to an address.  Now, I have the solution. 1.  Type the offending name into your “to” field as follows: 2. Use your arrow keys to move to the one you want to remove from cache. Then, that old name will stop haunting you!   Hope this helps. … Continue Reading

Using Outlook 2010, How to View The Headers

I’m not sure why I have trouble remembering this, but I always seem to.  I think it’s because very version of outlook has changed how to do this.  So, just to remind myself (and everyone else), here are the steps to find the mail headers. First, DoubleClick the message itself. … Continue Reading

How To Set Which Folders Get Synchronized With Outlook 2007 and IMAP

  If you are using an IMAP client and you want to set certain folders to be synchronized when you are offline, you need to simply do the following while you are running outlook. First, Press Ctrl-Alt-S (you’ll get the screen below) Then, Press the Edit button (second from top left) From there, you can choose which of your IMAP account you want to set (see the button bar on the left) Now, you simply choose the bottom radio button which says “Use the custom behavior defined below” and you can decide which folder will get synchronized.  For example, I synchronize my inbox and my starred folders as well as a few common others ones. This should make it easier to run outlook in offline mode. Hope this helps.     … Continue Reading


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