Is There A Need For End-To-End ExtJS to Microsoft Server (MVC-C#, LOB) 4 Day Class? (Poll Enclosed)

Over the past couple years, the focus of the web development I’ve been doing involves building highly flexible, highly scalable and straight forward web sites to implement and maintain Line of Business (LOB) applications.  As you can probably tell from my posts, I’m very “practical” focused, and at the same time have a desire to build awesome web applications. The technology pairing I’ve chosen is Microsoft’s .Net platform with MVC on the server, and ExtJS on the client.  Though it’s possible to still use ExtJS with standard html/aspx pages, I’ve found the best combination is to use 100% JavaScript on the client (ExtJS) and have all the server side technology be 100% service based.  I’ve used LINQ2SQL extensively as well as … Continue Reading

OData Query Option top Forces Data To Be Sorted By Primary Key

I’ve recently started using Microsoft’s WCF Data Services which supports OData Services.  What this means is that we can access resources by simply specifying a URI.  This concept greatly simplified building an ORM layer on a web site, as well as creating the linkage between the server side data and the client side application, which in my case is usually a browser. So, the issue this blog addresses is that if you form a URI with the parameter $top={anything}, your data will automatically be sorted.  The documentation for OData on top basically says that, but it could be clearer.  It says the following: “If the data service URI contains a $top query option, but does not contain a $orderby option, then the Entries in … Continue Reading


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