Silicon Valley Code Camp Login Failing with IE10 (Fixed Now)

  Scott Hanselman posted a while back about a browsers definition problem with some ASP.NET sites that causes problems.  Microsoft has articles on this also.  Having just received my BUILD tablet that includes IE10, I tested the Silicon Valley Code Camp web site and discovered that when you login, then switch to another page, the login did not stick.  After uploading the two files Scott mentions (firefox.browser and ie.browser), the problem goes away. Thanks Scott for the heads up.   … Continue Reading

With ASP.NET WebForms, How to Keep / Stop a Data Control Like GridView From Retrieving Data

The What and Where Something that may not be obvious is if are creating an WebForms project and you put a datasource such as SqlDataSource or ObjectDataSource for example on the page, how can you prevent the SqlSelect associated with that datasource from being triggered. The answer is to set the control’s visible property to false.  That’s it! … Continue Reading

Adding a List of Recent Posts To The Silicon Valley Code Camp Home Page (From RSS Feed)

There are 10,000 ways to do this.  Back way back when (ASP.NET 1.1) days, we would have created either a custom control to do this, then added a Repeater control on the page to display it.  Well, the Silicon Valley Code Camp Website was started back in those days and since what I want is so simple, I decided to do just that (minus the custom control).  I really only wanted to spend about 10 minutes doing this, and as it turned out, it took about 30.  Oh well, 3x plan verses execution.  Could do better next time. So, here is basically what I want on the left side bar of the home page of Silicon Valley Code Camp: … Continue Reading

ReSharper 5.0 Adds New “Add Parameter” Refactoring

In this post, I’ll show a simple example of how when you add a parameter to C# method, ReSharper gives you a simple prompting to ask if you want to add a parameter to your method, or create an overloaded method that gives you the flexibility to maintain the old method signature and have the new method. … Continue Reading


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