Safely Encoding Strings On ASP.NET MVC Razor Pages (sometimes)

  Background Sometimes, we want to let html tags come through our web pages from user defined content.  If for example, you have a workflow that requires approval before publishing, there are times when you want to let the author put through html, links, etc.  Solution In Visual Studio write a simple HtmlHelper method that allows for a flag you can pass through.  In my case, I have a database table with a boolean column “allowhtml”.  If this is set, then instead of using Html.Raw(…) I can use my own helper method, pass in the allowHtml value and if it is set true, then allow the not encoded Html to flow through. Here is that helper method: namespace WebAPI.Code.Helpers { public static class … Continue Reading

Building an Sencha’s ExtJS 4.0 MVC Application With Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC3 Series / Basics

Part 1 (this) Basics (mostly server side) Part 2 ExtJS Client Side Details   *For those who are intersted in this, I just posted a 3 part series on using ExtJS 4.2 with Microsoft's new WebAPI Restful Interface.  The new WebAPI is more efficient on the server side and the coding to REST makes the ExtJS side simpler. (March 13, 2013)    Part 1   Introduction If you have a problem like this involving ASP.NET or Sencha Tools, more information about our consulting services are here In this series of articles, we will take the reference application build by the Sencha product team for using Sencha’s MVC pattern running with an ASP.NET 4.0 project (IIS in production).  The first article takes the … Continue Reading

Getting ExtJS 4 Date Format To Behave Properly in Grid Panel with ASP.NET MVC3

  Introduction and Problem Converting Data Formats back and forth between browser and back end servers can be a little confusing.  In my case, I have a simple Sencha ExtJS 4.0 form that the user types a date into.  That date gets passed through an ajax request to the Microsoft controller, then that dates updates the SqlServer Database.  When the Date is displayed on a Grid Panel, again, an ajax request is made that grabs the date from the controller, then formats it using the MS dateFormat from ExtJS and hopefully, the same date the user typed in gets re-displayed. If you have a problem like this involving ASP.NET or Sencha Tools (ExtJS, SenchaTouch), more information about our consulting … Continue Reading

DevConnections Orlando, Build Advanced Web UIs with a Rich JavaScript UI Language

To build fully-featured web applications that support complex interaction in a reasonable amount of time requires a high-end JavaScript library. Someday, maybe JQueryUI will be good for this, but for now, the choices are few and include ExtJS, Dojo, YUI and a handful of others. This session will use ExtJS as the example. We will use Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC as the data / CRUD layer and from that, we will build a typical LOB (line of business) application using complex UI elements. Those elements include layout managers, data grids, extensive validation, spinner controls and other advanced UI features. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, spend five minutes looking at the examples on the ExtJS web site demonstrating these advanced web UI … Continue Reading


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