Why I Love the Community and How It Helps Me

Some History For much of my career, I’ve worked at home as a team of one.  Many years ago, I learned that it takes a community.  I’ve always felt one of my strengths is to both reach out when I need help, and offer help when it’s needed.  In about 2005, I started doing a lot of work with the .Net stack and discovered the forums https://forums.asp.net/. As I was learning ASP.NET, I found myself asking a lot of questions in that forum.  The group was unbelievably helpful and supportive.  Having done a lot of Unix work previously, I’d had a lot of reprimands for incorrect questions so it was very uplifting for me. As I became more proficient in the .Net stack I started answering questions also.  My personal goal was to answer one question … Continue Reading

Microsoft MVP Summit, GeekGive! (3rd year for me)

For the past two years, a day before the Microsoft MVP Summit a GeekGive has been organized where about 50 or so of us all go to some location and help with community building activities. Three years ago, it was building a house with Habitat for Humanity, Last year and this year its’ been in Seattle Washington at the NorthWest Harvest Facility where we packed thousands of bags of green beans last year and thousands of bags this year. Here we all are at the end.     and, here I am celebrating packing our completion, Rocky style.(we packed over 7500 pounds of pin dried beans)     * pictures courtesy of Craig Berntson … Continue Reading


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