Showing Code In A WordPress Blog

For years, I’ve wrestled (and failed) at using code formatting plugins. I use Windows Live Writer to do my blog posts on WordPress and though there are several plugins available for Live Writer, I really don’t like any of them (please correct me if you know of a great one and I’ll post that). Today, I’m trying a new plugin called Crayon that does a great job but is a little cumbersome to use.  Let me describe my workflow now. If you have a better suggestion for how to use it, please let me know. The first thing to do is install the plugin. You can find it at the URL: or simply search for the plugin “crayon” and have wordpress install it for you automatically (like I did). Once … Continue Reading

How to Format HTML with Windows Live Writer

Ever since Microsoft released Windows Live Writer, posting articles to this blog (and others) has been really easy.  Even though this blog is powered by WordPress, Microsoft’s Live Writer let’s me author my blog posts, include pictures, format code and do all kinds of other tricks really easily.  One of the side benefits of using Live Writer is it gives you a very easy way to format HTML code. So, turns out, that when you are writing a post with Live Writer, at the bottom of the page there are three tabs, Edit, Preview and Source.     When you switch to source, you will see the raw html.  You can also modify the source there which is our trick for formatting the HTML. So, here are the steps:   1.  … Continue Reading


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