Always Wanting the Latest Fastest Lenovo ThinkPad. Info on W520 Follows

It seems that at the following location, you can see all the latest specs (no prices) on the upcoming Lenovo W520 ThinkPad. It seems that some industrious mail order catalog’s have listed the prices (notable, one of my favorites, ProVantage) so that gives me something to compare.  I’m not sure I’ll get one right away, because they are pretty expensive and of course  want the top of the line, but we will see what happens when they are actually released. So, Here are some interesting things I’ve gleaned so far.   Graphics   4284-24U i7-2720QM 4GBx1 15.6" FHD 2000M 720p 500G 7200 Intel 6300 $2728.97 4284-4CU i7-2720QM 4GBx1 … Continue Reading


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