ExtJS Training with our leaders!

For my current project, I'm focused on delivering the fastest and best user experience possible for our web site.  To deliver this, it is necessary to really focus on delivering client side code.  After doing a bunch of research, the very clear answer to me is to use a Library called ExtJS combined with a very nice integration tool suite for the .net called Coolite. It's basically a very rich interactive JavaScript library that is extremely customizable.  To that end, I'm taking a week training class from ExtJS.  We've had our first day which has focused on CSS and JavaScript basics with an eye towards the patterns used in ExtJS. … Continue Reading

My Two JavaScript Favorite Books:, "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide"

I've been working on a project lately that requires a lot of JavaScript, and if any of you are like me, you've had trouble learning the language well.  Over the years, I've taken several runs at it but have not been successful.  Sure, I could always to basic stuff, but it seemed that when ever I need to do anything useful, I just could not figure it out.  Well, times have changed.  Mostly based on my need to know the language, I am really starting to feel good about the language. I'm understanding scoping, I can throw functions and arrays around as well as actually do useful stuff. … Continue Reading

The Smallest xmlHttp I Could Do And Still Get It Wrong

I've just started my journey into the land of JavaScript for real and am learning things most of you already know.  For example, as the Silicon Valley Code Camp coordinator and web site author, I just recently decided to add a Virtual Earth Map showing attendees and speakers (see the home page).  I wrote a simple web response handler that returns all the data in JSON so I could plot the data.  Then, after a couple searches on the web, I found a way to send a request to the service asynchronously and get the result. The code looks something like this: … Continue Reading

Using MapPath with WCF Service, Setting aspNetCompatibilityEnabled to true

I'm just starting out using WCF in an application for the first time.  I'm using Visual Studio 2008 sp1 and created an asp.net web site from the standard create project wizard.  I then created a simple AJAX--enabled WCF Service as follows: I then added some code to the service that looks like the following (using MapPath): … Continue Reading


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