ExtJS 5 Bind ViewModel To Template

The simplest things can often be aggravating to get right.  I often find that when something does not work (especially in ExtJS 5 using View Model and Bind) that I need to make the simplest example to prove my understanding to myself.  I thought I would share a very simple yet powerful example of how to bind data from a ViewModel to an xtemplate in ExtJS 5. There are many other things you can do with databinding including modeling selected row in a grid as well as nice integration with formulas.  The below example is just a very simple case that proves it works which is often all I need. Notice that in the code below I’ve created a very simple viewport with just one item.  The two big takeaways are: The data must be … Continue Reading

A Simple Prompt Modal Dialog for JQuery JavaScript


Do you hate what the basic alert(‘hello there’) looks like in JavaScript to your viewing public?  All I want is a simple modal prompt dialog that works with JQuery.   For a long time, I’ve been looking for a simple to use replacement.  It seems like when I scour the internet, I run into lots of people telling you simple ways to use JQueryUI’s Dialog.  For example, when you search “jquery alert simple” you get tons of hits.  This one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5355178/jquery-ui-dialog-on-the-fly-without-div It seems the highest voted one says do this: $("<div>My div content</div>").dialog(); Way down in the comments of the SO post, zod posts “What about prompt” with a links … Continue Reading

In JavaScript, ‘true’ == true is false, truthy truth

Somehow, I had thought that in JavaScript that if I said ‘true’ == true that a string conversion to bool would happen on the left side of the comparator and that the == instead of the truthy === would do a type conversion for me. Apparently not. So, for now on, all my JavaScript will look like this when I’m saving off a boolean that I collect in string form. var donationConfirmed = $('#RegisterUserInfoLoggedIn_DonationConfirmed'). val().toLowerCase() === "true"; Happy to hear why I’m wrong here but I don’t think I am. … Continue Reading

Move Existing NodeJS Site To Windows Azure Websites


Background Mr Glen Block (formerly of Microsoft) has really good video he did while at the Sencha Conference in 2013 in Orlando on how to work with NodeJS as an Azure Web Site.  Azure Websites are a great way to easily spin up low cost web sites that can scale in a big way.  I will not go into all the details of the setup but will fork part of his discussion on how to take an existing azure web site and push it to node.  There are a couple interesting differences in my discussion that are particularly useful.   The value add here is I’m assuming you already have a Git repository For your node project that does not have the root as the NodeJS directory.  That is, in Glen’s talk he assume you are starting a node project from … Continue Reading


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