How To Convert From Request With Parameter to No Parameter in ASP.NET (Server.Transfer)

  The problem is that I’m trying to keep track of the exact URL a person selects including the request parameter.  That is, I have a URLs that can be played as follows:   I’ve actually got 7 videos that I want people to be able to play.  The problem is that my web statistics tracker is going to count all videos as coming from TestPage.html and I will not be able to tell which video is getting how much traffic.  What I’d really like is have unique landing pages for each one that I can put links to on my blog, and then have those tracked separately. … Continue Reading

First Blood Using the New Microsoft Web Platform Installer

At MIX09 this year, Scott Guthrie presented the Web Platform Installer which seemed like an easy way to install specific technologies on an IIS server.  At the moment, I need to test an application that uses PHP so I figure this is a good time to try it.  Over the years, I’ve had several spectacular failures trying to install PHP on IIS.  Now, maybe I will get it right.  So, here we go. Step 1: Read the walk through ( ) Step 2:  Click Install now  (Can’t find PHP, starting searching the web now)  {Note: 4/14/2009. Turns out I missed an easy step.  See bottom of article for that step} Found this link:  Install PHP with … Continue Reading

Not Using Session in ASP.NET means Session Affinity/Sticky Sessions Not Necessary in Web Farms!

So, I’ve always incorrectly thought that somehow, the cookie stored in was somehow tied to the Session provider in  Turns out I’m wrong.  This came up because I was discussing with another engineer whether we need to bother with a Session provider since we do not use Session in our web application.  That is, we don’t ever store information by saying something like: Session[“MyKey1”] = “MyShoppingCartInfo1”; My assumption was that somehow, the Cookie planted on the client’s browser was in lock step with the IIS server through Session and that even if we did not store Session data, we still had to hook up a Session Provider.  Wrong I am. … Continue Reading

First Blood, Windows 7. Shock and Awe!

(Windows 7 Beta, Build 7000 put through the paces) Background I don’t seem to have a pile of computers laying around anymore so testing new operating systems can be a bit time consuming.  In general, I don’t like testing OS’s in VM’s because performance on the actual hardware is what I’m trying to measure.  So, luckily, I do seem to have an infinite number of SATA hard drives for my Lenovo Thinkpad W500 ( Lenovo 4062-27U ThinkPad W500 15.4" Notebook ) so I figure the best thing to do is install the OS on one of those.  Microsoft recently sent me two DVD’s (a 32bit and a 64bit).  Since I have a 64bit machine with 4gig of RAM, I figure I should test the 64bit.  So, here we go. … Continue Reading


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