In IE8, When File Download Completes, No Save Dialog Appears

For quite some time now, when I download file using IE8, the file finishes downloading and there is no pop up that allows me to open the containing folder, or open the file itself.  I’ve had to navigate to the folder where I selected the download to go, then open it from there.  This has been very annoying.  I’ve looked around the internet for the reason for this with no luck. … Continue Reading

Xmarks (Formerly FoxMarks) now Syncs Between IE8 as well as FireFox

I’ve been a very happy use of Foxmarks over the years for keeping my bookmarks in FireFox up to date.  Turns out, they’ve renamed themselves to xmarks I guess so that people don’t assume they just do Firefox. Basically, the way it works is you create an account on their server, then for firefox you download a plugin, and for IE you download an extension.  Like magic, your bookmarks just stay in sync! … Continue Reading


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