Source For Article “Building a Windows 8 Touch app with WinRT,JavaScript,HTML5” (From Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog Article)

On todays Microsoft MVP Blog, my article titled “Building a Windows 8 Touch Application with WinRT, JavaScript and HTML5” was published.  Basically,  Basically the project that is built in the article is used to view Tracks at Silicon Valley Code Camp (actually, last years tracks currently).  Inadvertently, the source was left out of the article, though there is a reference in the top that says the source is included in the article.  So, to make things complete, the source is right here in this post. Simply download the zip file below, then with Visual Studio 2012, you can build and run the application. Any questions, please post them and I will answer ASAP. Visual Studio 2012 Project   … Continue Reading

Presenting In San Francisco 3/21/2012 (Wednesday): First Blood With Windows 8 Metro Programming in JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 Microsoft San Francisco Office 835 Market Street, Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94103 Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (Check-in begins at 6:00 PM) Due to tightening of security rules at the Microsoft building, we cannot let people in without an escort. To make sure you get in the meeting without trouble, please try to arrive before 6:30, and kindly ask the security guard to badge you in or call up for an escort.?Thanks for your help! Pizza will be ordered so be sure to register before 10:30am on the day of the event. Event registration: Event … Continue Reading

HTML5 Media Queries, Tablet Verses Phone, Anything but Intuitive

    Background and Introduction I’m building a mobile touch application that uses SenchaTouch 2 on the client and Microsoft’s ASP.NET EF Code First on the server.  Things have been moving along pretty quickly because both of these toolkit’s are awesome.  I got stuck for about 2 hours on what I thought should be a very simple problem.  I’ve basically got a two panel application where on the left panel I want to be able to show a “display second panel” button if I’m on a small screen, and if I’m on a big screen I don’t want to show that button, but I do want to show the second panel.  Basically, here is what I want my app to look like using HTML5 Media Queries.   Tablet Mode … Continue Reading

Building A Windows 8 Metro Style JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3 App Using ListView

  Background The new Windows 8 Developer environment is seriously under documented at this point in it’s product life.  Microsoft released a “Developer Preview” at the Build Conference in September, than has not done any noticeable updates or improvement on those bits.  The Video’s online from build are very helpful because you can go through them in slow motion and see how to make things work.  In this article, I’m going to go through the steps necessary in a lot of detail to build a simple list read-only list viewer of US Congress legislators in California.  At the end, we’ll have something like the following working:   (actual tablet from build running the app)   and the completed solution from … Continue Reading


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