Hostgator Going The Extra Mile

While no hosting company is perfect, I’ve found Hostgator one of the best I’ve worked with for Linux type hosting.  I host this blog ( at Hostgator and have recently noticed the site has been kind of slow.  I emailed them to ask them to look into it and the email below was there response. As far as I’m concerned, this is way above and beyond what I should expect from a pretty low cost wordpress hoster.  They could have just said it’s slow but it’s your software and you need to figure it out but they did not.  Below was their response which I consider excellent! Hello there! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the delay in our responses. Ticket queues are much longer than we'd like right now, … Continue Reading

Why I Can Never Leave ORCSWeb as My Web Hosting Company

Some Background and Getting Started Last weekend, a relatively new customer of mine moved their production hosting from a private dedicated server running ASP.NET to ORCSWeb cloud hosting.  They were running SqlServer 2000 and Windows Server 2003. We moved them to Microsoft Windows 2008 and Sqlserver 2008.  These kind of moves of productions servers always make me very nervous.  It seems like even though we make list after list, check the lists twice, test moving the SqlServer databases, etc., something always seems to go wrong.  In this case, their SqlServer database is 50Gig so that adds a little interest also. The moved started at 8PM eastern time.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I actually tried … Continue Reading

vaasnet, Awesome First Experience. Need a VM Now, for just 2 hours?

  I’ve known about vaasnet for quite a while.  Basically, vaasnet is a way to almost instantly (OK, it took about 4 seconds to come up) grab a fresh VM (currently 99 cents an hour), do a bunch of stuff and go away.  My bunch of stuff was I need to download a bittorrent file that was about 5 gig and I know if I do it from either home or over my hotspot, bad things will happen.  If I do it at home, Comcast will send me a letter accusing me of stealing something, and if I use my Verizon hotspot, well, it’s a 5 gig per month plan.  You do the math. Back to vaasnet.  Here is my experience today: 30 seconds to put my credit card it 4 seconds to boot a general purpose workstation 5 seconds to RDP into it … Continue Reading

Hosting The Same Windows Azure Web Project With Two Different Configurations

The Problem In my scenario, I have the same web project that I want to host in two different Windows Azure Data Centers (BTW, Steve Marx let me know it’s “Windows Azure” and not “Azure” at MVP Summit so I’ll try and keep my terminology right as much as I can).  Each Windows Azure Data Center has it’s own azure account (Azure Credential).  It resolves to a different domain name and as part of that scenario, has different properties in the ServiceConfiguration.csfg file.   … Continue Reading


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