How To Permanently Turn Off Personal Search Results in Google

Not sure if you are like me, but I use both Bing and Google for search.  Lately, my top 10 or so search results on everything I type are from my Google circles people.  The problem is I want the best or most popular answer, not the one that one of my google circles people may have typed.  So, here are the steps: 1.  Search for something on Google. 2.  Click on the little wheel in the upper right 3.  Choose Search Settings 4. Change the results to not use personal results 5. Press Save.   That’s it! Now, things are as they were. … Continue Reading

New Google Analytics Real Time Statistics Pretty Amazing!

  I just noticed that in the beta of Google Analytics, you can now see real time statistics of what is going on for a web site.  As a numbers junky, this is totally awesome!  I just have to keep myself from spending all my time looking at this page.  Below is a screen shot of what I’m seeing right now for traffic on  just to summarize, here is what it is telling me: 7 people are browsing my site right now. They got there with searches including “androd samsung epic sprint connection error” among others The Map shows where in the world they are all connecting from 82% of these are new and 18% returning The site is averaging about 3 or 4 page views per minute (not … Continue Reading

I’m really Getting Annoyed with GMAIL! I pay for a domain account and …

As the main organize for Silicon Valley Code Camp, I often do small mailings to certain groups of people.  I expect that I should be able to send emails to 122 people by simply copying them into my cc field and pressing send. Well, I did that and after 100, I get the message: … Continue Reading

Sending My Google T-Mobile Android G1 Phone Back to Google

For the past couple years, I’ve had the T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile phone.  It’s been a nice phone but not great.  It’s broken a couple times, crashes too often, requires me to carry an extra battery around just to get through the day and gives me an inadequate browsing experience based on the IE4 browser it is running.  It also only has Edge so it’s pretty slow.  On the plus side, it does a great job with Exchange and IMAP email which is 90% of what I do with it so I’m pretty happy.  The keyboard works, the form factor is good and, not to mention, it works very well as a phone. I’ve been envious of my friends with their 3G IPhones.  They can browse any where on the internet they want at reasonable speeds, … Continue Reading


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