Using Fiddler To Replay an AJAX (xmlhttp) Request


  The Problem I use to spend a lot of time writing throw away JavaScript code to test AJAX (XMLHttpRequest or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) type requests to my hosted web services.  that is, on my ASP.NET server, I have services that look like the following (Microsoft ASP.NET MVC projects): [HttpPost] [NoCache] public JsonResult GetEmailByPerson(long addressBookEntryId, string existingEmailDetailIds, int? start, int? limit, bool? emailNotViewed = null, bool? emailNotDeleted = null, bool? forceDataToHtmlBody = false) { Utils.AuthorityLevel userAuthorityLevel = Utils.GetUserAuthorityLevel(); if (userAuthorityLevel == Utils.AuthorityLevel.None) { return Json(new { Message = … Continue Reading

Getting Fiddler to See you WCF Traffic


There are lots of articles on the internet if you search for WCF Fiddler however it’s not clear what the simplest path to follow is. For me, it turns out that just sprinkling a couple lines of code at the bottom of my windows forms app’s app.config file is all it took.  I got the tip from this post: The magic lines are as follows: <>     <defaultProxy>       <proxy bypassonlocal="false" usesystemdefault="true" />     </defaultProxy>   </> </configuration> That’s it!  Now, Fiddler just sees the traffic.  I’m a happy … Continue Reading


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