SpreadSheetGear Made My Life Easy Today For Creating Excel File In ASP.NET

  A Little Background As we announced a couple days, Silicon Valley Code Camp is going to have QR Codes on badges this year.  We are currently guessing we will have about 3000 people registered and 1500 attending which means that we need to have the entire badge printing process figured out long before the event (which is October 9th and 10th this year, just 4 weeks away).  Kevin Nilson is leading the charge on this (another key organizer at code camp) and asked me for a spread sheet with some names in it so he could practice making the actual QR bar code. Kevin is a Java guy, and I’m a .Net guy so we need a common format.  The most simple thing seemed to be a csv.  The plan for me is to build a simple aspx page … Continue Reading


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