Creating New Overloaded Methods in Visual Studio C# is Really Easy with CodeRush

So, you want to add a couple extra parameters to an existing method in Visual Studio, while not having to change all your existing code to call the new method signature?  It’s easy with CodeRush from Devexpress.  In this post, I’ll start with a simple method and add some parameters to it, then do the magic refactor. Here is the starting code. public static int SynchronizeScopesAsyncStart( int dbSyncPairId, string schemaName, string connectionStringLeft, string scopeLeft, string connectionStringRight, string scopeRight, bool skipDbLogging) {... … Continue Reading

My Interview With DevExpress Regarding Silicon Valley Code Camp

Last week, while at Microsoft’s TechEd 2010, Mehul Harry, Technical Evangalist for Developer Express, interviewed me about our upcoming Silicon Valley Code Camp (of which Dev Express is a platinum sponsor).  There was huge giveaway (for an expensive motorcycle) in the next booth so it was really noisy.  Mehul had the recorder about 6 inches from my nose which made me pretty nervous.  I think I’m moving my head so much because I was trying to get away, but there was not place to go. Here is the link:   … Continue Reading


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