Using Compass With Visual Studio for SASS work

CSS for me has always been somewhat of a mystery to use in medium to large projects.  The idea of having to write individual classes and combine them in different ways to get affects seem to be beyond what I can keep in my head.  That is, if you have an html page with a body, the body has some div’s, nested div’s, header tags, etc, it can get really confusing to try and figure out how to author the CSS in a way it makes sense.  SASS comes to the rescue here.  It allows you to create variables, it allows you to create hierarchies of styles and just provides lots of conveniences that are otherwise difficult in CSS.  I won’t go into the details here, but simply provide a recipe of sorts for how to use it with Visual … Continue Reading

HTML5 Media Queries, Tablet Verses Phone, Anything but Intuitive

    Background and Introduction I’m building a mobile touch application that uses SenchaTouch 2 on the client and Microsoft’s ASP.NET EF Code First on the server.  Things have been moving along pretty quickly because both of these toolkit’s are awesome.  I got stuck for about 2 hours on what I thought should be a very simple problem.  I’ve basically got a two panel application where on the left panel I want to be able to show a “display second panel” button if I’m on a small screen, and if I’m on a big screen I don’t want to show that button, but I do want to show the second panel.  Basically, here is what I want my app to look like using HTML5 Media Queries.   Tablet Mode … Continue Reading


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