Using SHA256Managed to Generate SHA256 Hash with Microsoft .Net Cryptography Namespace / Memory Usage Implications

  Background And Conclusion In my very last post I talked about how using SHA256 seemed to not be affected by whether you use Buffered or Not Buffered streams.  An astute reader (Samuel Jack) referenced an article by one of my favorite ex MIcrosoft employees (Brad Abrams) saying that almost all the .Net streams have buffering built in. Well, I think SHA256Managed does not.  One of the challenges I’ve been facing lately with my current project is to provide feedback while doing all kinds of byte piping (stream stuff).  While figuring out how to do this, I inadvertently figured out that buffering makes a huge difference.  Briefly, let me show my results first, then talk about the code that went into it. Notice … Continue Reading

Efficiently Generating SHA256 Checksum For Files Using C#

* I just added another post on similar topic and added more details on performance and a case where buffered memory usage really did matter: I’m building a file synchronization with the cloud application and I want to store a checksum with the file so that I can verify later that the file is what I think it is. I’m not a crypto guy so I searched around the internet for a solution.   I found lots of examples and settled on this one that uses SHA256 for the job.  I also found some comments saying that it would be more efficient to wrap it in a BufferedStream rather than processing the entire file at once. Example Links: … Continue Reading


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