The Vista/Office/Exchange MSAM Launch Event

Santa Clara, California   February 1, 2007 The Ask The Experts Desk Microsoft asked me to help out at the Launch event here near my home in San Jose, California. My job, was to hang out at the "Ask The Experts" community table and answer people's questions. Unfortunately, most people's questions were on subjects I didn't know much about but I did my best and tried to point them at resources that might help solve there problems. Several people asked me what I thought of Exchange 2007. I guess since I've never actually run it I couldn't give much of an opinion. There were however some interesting questions that came up that hopefully I fielded pretty well. Other than that, it … Continue Reading

Rock And Roll Code Camp Presentation

Rock And Roll Code Camp in Los Angeles Presentation This is the first time I've presented this material. I've presented on several previous occassions the basic material on how to build an ObjectDataSource class from scratch but this time was different. Inspired by people often asking me "what good is the ObjectDataSource", I decided to create a useful example. Since the ObjectDataSource is inherently a complex abstraction, creating a real life demo that can be presented in a short amount of time is a challenge. In this presntation, I hopefully rose to the challenge. Below is the abstract along with the URL to the actual codecamp. Below that is a link to the project that was created at class for anyone interested in … Continue Reading

Moderator Role Given by ASP.NET Forums

For the second time this year, first by awarded an MVP for ASP.NET, and now the community assigned to maintaining the integrity and consistency for the forums has invited me to join them. For those of you that don't know what moderators do, basically, as I understand it, there job is keep the forums running smoothly. It involves a lot of moving posts to correct forums, approving posts of new members,and of course trying to keep things civil whenever possible. See you in the forums! … Continue Reading

MVP Award From Microsoft for ASP.NET 2.0

I was surprised and happy to receive notification of being awarded the MVP for ASP.NET 2.0. During the past 18 months, I've spent a lot of time both learning the technology as well as being involved in the community that it supports. During that time, I've done lots of posting (both questions and answers) on the forums.  In addition, I'd spoken at 4 code camps including the one I organized in Northern California ( ).  I'm sure it didn't hurt that during this period I authored four MSDN articles. At any rate, I'm very happy and fortunate to receive this award and look forward to future opportunities to be even more involved in the exciting community around … Continue Reading


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