Last Nights Meetup At Sencha HQ In RWC Excellent!


Last nights meetup at Sencha Headquarters in Redwood City with Jacky Nguyen presenting was excellent, and as usual very fun.  Jacky talked about tons of performance stuff related to the holy grail of 60 frames per second rendering and mobile sweetness. Sadly, I learned that my ping-pong skills are in total decay. Having slide a very far way from Dorm 5 champion at college, it feels like I’ve returned to rank beginner.  Very sad. Most of the usual suspects were there. View Full Album … Continue Reading

Great .Net Education Day Coming April 19th, 2013 in San Francisco, CodeMastery!


Magenic, a leading consulting company in the .Net space is having a free education day in San Francisco on April 19th.  I’m going to be speaking doing a similar presentation to the one I did earlier this week in Mountain View on SPA apps and the back end plumbing necessary to make them go.   (and many other speakers…)   Below is a short summary of the event. Magenic is sponsoring a FREE day of advanced education for senior technical people and technical decision makers on Friday April 19th, 2013 at Microsoft SF on Market, covering Modern Applications focusing on two primary areas modern web applications and the latest trends in business intelligence, following the tracks, there will be a panel featuring local … Continue Reading

Speaking Wednesday, February 27 About SPA apps and WebAPI in Mountain View Microsoft Office


  ASP.NET’s WebAPI and SPA’s (single page apps) are all the rage! In our brave new world, many web apps are now Single Page Applications written in JavaScript. Basically, this means that instead of having lots of static and/or dynamic pages generating lots of HTML, we now often have an html page that has just a few lines. Those lines would be just some basic header files, a css file included and a couple JavaScript include files. There are several JavaScript frameworks that support this scenario: Sencha’s SenchaTouch and ExtJS, as well as Dojo, Yahoo’s YUI and others immediately come to mind. In this presentation, we will focus on what the back end ASP.NET server can look like to support these kind of applications, and how to … Continue Reading

Sencha’s Architect’s Perfect Storm, Easy To Use and Incorporates Hand Written Code Gracefully


Introduction Wednesday night this week, our local meetup (happening at Sencha’s headquarters in Redwood City) is featuring the Sencha Architect engineers who are here from all over the world for a get together.  Personally, I’ve been using Sencha Architect (SA) for well over a year now and am hugely impressed.  Yesterday, for the first time I felt a need to go beyond what SA offered and for the first time decided to “override” an ExtJS object (store in this case) with my own code.  It’s now a trick I own!  Explanation of why we did it, what we did, and what to look out for if you do it yourself in the future.   Why We Did It As many of you know, in addition to being the primary organizer of Silicon Valley Code … Continue Reading


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