Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Book Review, Now Available! (Windows Azure Platform by Tejaswi Redkar)

For those of you that have been sleeping for the past year, Cloud computing is Hot!  Amazon more or less lead the way with their cloud computing platforms for the longest time with new comers like GoGrid, Google and Microsoft coming along with their own offerings more recently.  The offerings are quite complex, both licensing, capabilities, costs etc.  One of the nice things about this book (among others) is it gives detailed discussions in the beginning of several different offerings as well as their licensing models (which do change often so check directly with the companies). On to the review.. … Continue Reading

Load Balancing IIS Web Farm with EC2

  We’ve been looking to find the best Cloud based host to put our soon to be virally growing web site up on.  Our requirements are it must run IIS7 and use Sql Server 2008 as it’s database. We have lots of wants (like Service Broker, Replication, etc.) but primarily we want the web tier to scale easily.  After doing research and testing, we got frustrated with our options at Amazon’s EC2.  We emailed their support (with our paid support contract) and were basically told we should go do our own Windows research to find out what works best. At any rate, I emailed Steve Evan’s who is a frequent speaker at conferences and also an expert consultant on all things Windows and IT related and asked for some advice.  He … Continue Reading


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