Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Verses HTC EVO 4G Camera

First, let me say I’m not a professional photographer or even a good amateur one, but I do take a lot of pictures.  You can look up the spec on line, but basically, the Epic has a 5MP camera and the EVO has an 8MP pixel.  I wish I kept some originals from the EVO but I did not.  My impression is that the EVO camera did a better job of making pictures in all kinds of light just look better.  I could be wrong.  I’m attaching a picture of a friend of mine I took and uploaded to facebook, first with the EVO, then with the Epic.  The EVO was taken later in the day without so much sunlight.   By the way, my friend Terry is President of Undiscovered Country Tours and one of my best bike buddies.  He runs … Continue Reading


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