Simple Type Safe Coding in Microsoft’s C#

  I often like to show programming tips around simple things.  Over the years, I’ve found that it is easy to get Lazy and do cutting and pasting type coding, however for reliability and maintainability, it’s important to stick to the principle of less is more. Below is just a simple pattern I often use when doing something that requires processing over a set of images (or anything) multiple times. foreach (var rec in imageDetails) { const string imageTypeFull = "ImageTypeFull"; const string imageTypeThumb = "ImageTypeThumb"; foreach (var imageType in new List<string> {imageTypeFull, imageTypeThumb}) { var bytes = imageType == imageTypeFull ? … Continue Reading

Using LINQ ForEach To Populate Generic List in C# AND Enum to List

A C# trick I first had trouble wrapping my head around is using the LINQ ForEach operator to populate a list.  I was originally inspired by some source I found in the EXT.NET Icon building sample.   In addition to the ForEach lamda trick they included a very nice pattern for converting a c# Enum to a List.  So, let’s get right to the code.   enum Days { Sat = 1, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri }; static void Main(string[] args) { List<string> daysOfWeekList = Enum.GetNames(typeof(Days)).ToList(); daysOfWeekList.ForEach(a => Console.WriteLine(a)); }   That’s it!   Just another two patterns of using c# which helps me live cleaner in c#! HTH’s. … Continue Reading

In C# Passing Delegate As Parameter, Then Executing on Return

I did not know that it is possible to have a delegate as a call to a method, then have that method actually execute that delegate at it’s convenience.  I’m busy converting a Xamarin conference application for the IPad and am wrangling getting it to show Silicon Valley Code Camp data rather than MWC (Mobile World Conference data). So, here is the method I ran into: var siteParser = new MWC.SAL.MWCSiteParser(); siteParser.GetConference (Constants.ConferenceDataUrl, () => { var c = siteParser.ConferenceData; if (c == null) { … Continue Reading

Building a Login Screen With Xamarin’s MonoTouch and XCode StoryBoard


  Part 1 The Video and Introduction (this) Part 2 In Blog Format with words and screen shots     Introduction I’ve been hard at work learning the MonoTouch framework from Xamarin recently.  For those that don’t know, MonoTouch is a framework that runs on top of the Apple XCode development environment that allows you to essentially use the .net framework as your programming language of choice instead of objective C (I hope I got that right).  Since it has been a while since I’ve used C, and I have so much stuff I’ve done in C# I can leverage, this seems like a good fit. I’m about a good solid week of programming into this and I have to admit I’ve gotten pretty … Continue Reading


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