My Presentation in San Francisco This Past Wednesday Night to Bay.Net

This past Wednesday, I presented a front end performance session for how to make web sites work well.  I primarily covered the content from from Steve Souders Excellent book, High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers. High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers (9780596529307): Steve Souders: Books   Not being a browser engineer, my knowledge is not the best in that area so probably the talk was a little dry.  We did spend a bunch of time talking about the the Sprite library just released to codeplex from the Asp.Net team.  That was  a great discussion!  I plan on talking more about that at my upcoming DevConnections talks in Orlando (very … Continue Reading

Learning Ext JS 3.2 From PACKT Is Another Winner!

The same authors who write the original Learning Ext JS are back and definitely with a winner here.  Just to start out, the book is about a third longer, has a new contributing author (Nigel White, aka “Animal” on the ExtJS Forums) and definitely packs a lot more content.  You get the feeling these guys took the feedback they got on the first book and went to town. To start with, they have lots and lots of examples covering a lot more areas. There is a lot more architectural discussions that really help in building high end ExtJS applications. Chapter 13 for example is completely devoted to code reuse (extending ExtJS).  New features such as Ext.Direct are discussed extensively as well as the new graphics library (but don’t … Continue Reading

“Programming Windows Azure” By Sriram Krishnan / O’Reilly Book Review

I’ve been slowly building up my Azure experience over the past few months and actually plan to release a product using Azure during the next month or two.  Programming Windows Azure has been a huge value to me in learning both the basics of the Azure platform as well as the details.  It has a great balance of theory verses practice.  I strongly recommend this book if you are new to Azure or even if you have experience with Azure.  I often find myself going back and re-reading sections to better understand things. Programming Windows Azure eBook: Sriram Krishnan: Kindle Store   Two of the sections I feel are particularly well written or the ones that talk about Storage and Tables (chapters 7 and 8).  The … Continue Reading

Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Book Review, Now Available! (Windows Azure Platform by Tejaswi Redkar)

For those of you that have been sleeping for the past year, Cloud computing is Hot!  Amazon more or less lead the way with their cloud computing platforms for the longest time with new comers like GoGrid, Google and Microsoft coming along with their own offerings more recently.  The offerings are quite complex, both licensing, capabilities, costs etc.  One of the nice things about this book (among others) is it gives detailed discussions in the beginning of several different offerings as well as their licensing models (which do change often so check directly with the companies). On to the review.. … Continue Reading


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