Move Existing NodeJS Site To Windows Azure Websites

Background Mr Glen Block (formerly of Microsoft) has really good video he did while at the Sencha Conference in 2013 in Orlando on how to work with NodeJS as an Azure Web Site.  Azure Websites are a great way to easily spin up low cost web sites that can scale in a big way.  I will not go into all the details of the setup but will fork part of his discussion on how to take an existing azure web site and push it to node.  There are a couple interesting differences in my discussion that are particularly useful.   The value add here is I’m assuming you already have a Git repository For your node project that does not have the root as the NodeJS directory.  That is, in Glen’s talk he assume you are starting a node project from … Continue Reading

Commands (CLI) to remember for Azure, NodeJS and MongoDb

Having just started using Azure Web Sites with NodeJS and MongoDB I thought I’d blog several of the commands I use often (mostly for me to go back to).  Here is my short list NodeJS node server.js – starts node node –debug server.js – starts node and enables debugging (needs npm install –g node-inspector) npm install – installs all node packages in project MongoDb mongod – starts mongo daemon mongostat – shows stats while mongodb running mongotop – shows top mongo processes Windows Azure CLI npm install azure – so you can use azure command line (cli) npm install azure-cli –g azure site create mywebsite azure site list azure site start mywebsite azure site delete mywebsite azure site log … Continue Reading

Tuesday (Tomorrow) Night, At The Microsoft Office in SF, I’m talking SYNC SYNC SYNC

It seems like every project I’m involved in at some point turns into a sync project.  Tomorrow night, I’ll talk about the different efforts Microsoft has put forth in this area, I’ll talk specifically about Azure Sync and of course many of my efforts.  Specifically, I’ll give lots of opinions on how to sync between mobile clients and back end services (my favorite topic at the moment).  We’ll talk about what Azure Mobile Services is, and we’ll talk about what I’m guessing it will be. Come down and join the talk!  There will be many interactive parts as always.   … Continue Reading

Presenting Tonight In San Francisco on Windows Azure Development Real World Experiences

Tonight, at the Microsoft office (see this announcement for more details: ) I’m going to be talking about what it is really like to build a full service application using Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform. For those that don’t know what I’m going to talk about, here is a prelude. First, I’m going to go through about 10 slides talking briefly about what is azure.  That is, Azure is basically a family of hosted services that Microsoft provides in the cloud.  I’m going to talk about: Compute Storage Cache Service Bus SqlAzure Then, I’m going to got through and actually show all the things I do on a daily … Continue Reading


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