Presenting Tonight In San Francisco on Windows Azure Development Real World Experiences

Tonight, at the Microsoft office (see this announcement for more details: ) I’m going to be talking about what it is really like to build a full service application using Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform. For those that don’t know what I’m going to talk about, here is a prelude. First, I’m going to go through about 10 slides talking briefly about what is azure.  That is, Azure is basically a family of hosted services that Microsoft provides in the cloud.  I’m going to talk about: Compute Storage Cache Service Bus SqlAzure Then, I’m going to got through and actually show all the things I do on a daily … Continue Reading

With VS2010 Debugger, Step Into, From a Windows .Net App Directly into a Windows Azure Web Role Hosting a WCF Service In The Developer Fabric

  OK, I think this is the longest post title I’ve ever made, but if you understand it, you’ll know why it needs to be so long.  I discovered this totally by accident.  I would never ever have pressed F11 (step into) from a client side proxy and expect to get into anything but a bunch of ugly machine generated proxy code (especially with Azure).  To my total surprise, I landed right inside my WCF service as if I had started the Windows Azure Developer fabric in debug mode and set a break point. So, I’ll step through the process an show screen shots on the outside chance I was dreaming and can’t reproduce it. If I can, now I will have proof so I can do it again.  Sorry for the work in progress code you will … Continue Reading

“Programming Windows Azure” By Sriram Krishnan / O’Reilly Book Review

I’ve been slowly building up my Azure experience over the past few months and actually plan to release a product using Azure during the next month or two.  Programming Windows Azure has been a huge value to me in learning both the basics of the Azure platform as well as the details.  It has a great balance of theory verses practice.  I strongly recommend this book if you are new to Azure or even if you have experience with Azure.  I often find myself going back and re-reading sections to better understand things. Programming Windows Azure eBook: Sriram Krishnan: Kindle Store   Two of the sections I feel are particularly well written or the ones that talk about Storage and Tables (chapters 7 and 8).  The … Continue Reading

Using Cloud Storage Studio From Cerebrata Software For Azure Storage Viewing

Just a quick shout out to the makers of Cloud Storage Studio Cerebrate Software.   Thanks for a great product offering!  I’ve been doing quite a bit of work recently with Microsoft Windows Azure Blob Storage and have really appreciated the insight into that storage Cloud Studio gives me.  I had been using another product to do the same thing which I had though was easier and faster, but after just a couple hours of working with Cloud Studio, I’m finding I’ve really been missing out.  I’m attaching a screen shot below which shows viewing what is actually in the storage (not a hierarchical false view) as well as a display of all the meta data.  Either of those two features are show starters for me and enough to … Continue Reading


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