How To Tell If Ajax is working on your site with ASP.NET’s ajax UpdatePanel and other Controls

So, I suppose you should just be able to see the fact that Ajax is working by the lack of page flashing.  That may be true on a normal page on a slow connection, but if you are testing locally, it may not be so obvious.  You can certainly crank up your debugging tools like firebug or Fiddler, or you can do the cheap trip about I'm about to explain. Simply, add a sleep statement to your page_load event (Thread.Sleep(3000);) and run your page.  If you are using IE7 like I am, on the post back (for a full page), you will see the windows icon spinning in the tab control.  If you see that, you are getting a full page post back. If not, chances are you are not. Hope this helps! … Continue Reading

The Smallest xmlHttp I Could Do And Still Get It Wrong

I've just started my journey into the land of JavaScript for real and am learning things most of you already know.  For example, as the Silicon Valley Code Camp coordinator and web site author, I just recently decided to add a Virtual Earth Map showing attendees and speakers (see the home page).  I wrote a simple web response handler that returns all the data in JSON so I could plot the data.  Then, after a couple searches on the web, I found a way to send a request to the service asynchronously and get the result. The code looks something like this: … Continue Reading

Best Practices for Building an quality web siteBuilding the New Code Camp Web Site (Part 1)

(That's right, Code Camp is coming!  11/8 and 11/9 again at Foothill College) Article Series Article 1: Best Practices for Building an ASP.NET quality web site Article 2: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters Article 3: Creating a Theme For Each Year of Code Camp Using Skins in ASP.NET Article 4: Creating a Modal Login Window Using the Telerik Modal RadWindow Component Article 5: Using LINQ to Merge Mailing Lists and Filter Opt Outs Article 6: Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control Adapters (The Source Code!) So, first, a little background.  As many … Continue Reading

Really good Ajax using Book By Alessandro Gallo, ASP.NET AJAX in Action

I'm basically a back end database kind of guy, but over the past years have been doing more front end web stuff.  Asp.Net has been a huge help for me, and now with Visual Studio 2008 and the JavaScript debugging capabilities, I'm finding doing web stuff is just not so bad.  Many of you know I've written several MSDN articles and one of them was over a year ago on how to add Ajax to my Membership solution (back then it was called Atlas).  The article is still out there though now a little out dated.  In it, I extensively use Alessandro's code he posted on his blog.  My point here is Alessandro keeps up with this stuff, and as it turns out, he wrote an excellent book that's been helping me out. I enthusiastically … Continue Reading


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