First Blood, Windows 7. Shock and Awe!

(Windows 7 Beta, Build 7000 put through the paces) Background I don’t seem to have a pile of computers laying around anymore so testing new operating systems can be a bit time consuming.  In general, I don’t like testing OS’s in VM’s because performance on the actual hardware is what I’m trying to measure.  So, luckily, I do seem to have an infinite number of SATA hard drives for my Lenovo Thinkpad W500 ( Lenovo 4062-27U ThinkPad W500 15.4" Notebook ) so I figure the best thing to do is install the OS on one of those.  Microsoft recently sent me two DVD’s (a 32bit and a 64bit).  Since I have a 64bit machine with 4gig of RAM, I figure I should test the 64bit.  So, here we go. … Continue Reading

How to Retrieve a GridView Based on a CheckBoxList of Items with Asp.Net using ObjectDataSource with a little LINQ Thrown In

So, the problem is you have a list that you want to retrieve from that contains multiple values.  Say for example, you have a list of 5 cities and you want to retrieve a list of people in some combination of those cities.  If you use the class SelectValue method with GridView you run out of steam because it's only one value.  What you'd really like to do is pass the CheckBoxList into the GridView as a selection parameter, but unfortunately, when you do that, you just get the one selected value from the CheckBoxList, not all the values. I'm sure you can make a custom ControlParameter in ObjectDataSource to solve this, but I really don't have time for that.  I just wanted something quick (which I now have and thought I'd … Continue Reading

How To Tell If Ajax is working on your site with ASP.NET’s ajax UpdatePanel and other Controls

So, I suppose you should just be able to see the fact that Ajax is working by the lack of page flashing.  That may be true on a normal page on a slow connection, but if you are testing locally, it may not be so obvious.  You can certainly crank up your debugging tools like firebug or Fiddler, or you can do the cheap trip about I'm about to explain. Simply, add a sleep statement to your page_load event (Thread.Sleep(3000);) and run your page.  If you are using IE7 like I am, on the post back (for a full page), you will see the windows icon spinning in the tab control.  If you see that, you are getting a full page post back. If not, chances are you are not. Hope this helps! … Continue Reading

How to do URL Rewrites with ASP.NET 2.0 3.0 3.5 on IIS6 and IIS7 and What is Wild Card Mapping

The Problem Over the past several years I've found myself running into the same problem over and over so I thought I'd blog the solution so at least I don't waste time figuring it out again.  So, when do you need this?  The answer for me is that I want to be able reference a web site without having to expose the underlying site structure.  For example, on the home page of my business, I want people to be able to type and be taken to The Symptom You may see errors that say something like: Server Error in Application ... HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found … Continue Reading


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