My Enthusiasm for Resharper Amplified

I’ve posted and tweeted often over the years when I find an exciting new feature in JetBrains Resharper.  Looks like they have heard me as I’m front and center on their main page now.



Redis Conference Talk on Fast Cache with ASP.NET by Peter Kellner

Back in May, I gave a 45 minute talk at the 2016 Redis Conference in San Francisco.  The talk titled “Using Redis as Distributed Cache for Microsoft’s ASP.NET apps” was well received in spite of my opening line stating that I don’t know anything about Redis.

The basics are I

  • Compiled The Redis Server From Source
  • Implemented a Redis Client in C#
  • Demonstrated Reliable Caching in ASP.NET to a Redis Server


You can watch the full video on you tube at this URL.

Ransomeware Attacks and My Best Practices

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ransomware attacks.  That is, when a virus infects your computer and encrypts all your files.  Then, you get a notice that says if you pay a certain amount of money you will get access to your files.  I gather it’s the most common malware out there right now.  You can read more about what ransomware is here:

I’ve recently read multiple consumer articles on how to best protect yourself and I believe most of what I read is just wrong.  Those articles say things like you can recover files that have not been encrypted yet if you catch it early, cloud is a good solution because the ransom ware can not infect the cloud.  I call BS on that.

I assume ransomware is going to install itself on your computer and lie dormant for months so that all your backups to the cloud will ultimately have unusable data on them.  I also believe ransom ware will go after all your drive shares and if you are backing up to a local hard disk through an unprotected share, that will get targeted also.

Here is what I am doing.

  • I use Acronis and have two backup schemes that both go to NAS (network attached storage).  One uses ftp and the other uses a username password unknown to my normal windows explorer.
  • I use Dropbox and have bought packrat which stores my backup history forever.  I believe that way I always have a backup though it may be very old
  • I run WebRoot virus protection to minimize exposure though I know this does not stop zero day attacks.  I’m hoping it stops most attacks though and since I’m not a huge target to the bad guys this is likely enough.
  • I feel like this is as much as I can do.  HTH’s.

Best Regards in Paranoia, -Peter

Using Type T for making C# Method Calls More Flexible

I often find myself getting lazy and making multiple entry points for a method when I really should spend an extra 30 seconds and use the Type T pattern in C#.  Below are the two calls I had and when I started writing the one that returns int, I decided enough was enough.

private static bool GetWorkshopTopLevelPropertyBool(JToken jToken, string attr2)
    return jToken["workshopResults"][attr2].Value();

private static string GetAttendeeInfoString(JToken jToken, string attr)
    return jToken["attendeeResults"][attr].Value();

Here is the generalized verison of the same code but only has to be written once.

private static T GetAttendeeInfo(JToken jToken, string attr)
    return jToken["attendeeResults"][attr].Value();


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