Creating a 1024×768 Video On A High Res Monitor With Macro Express Pro Helping


I’ve recently started my journey as a Pluralsight author and, as is know surprise, I’m spending a lot of time getting my tools set up.  Regardless of what video editing tool you use, you need to record both screens and voice.  I believe most video authors at Pluralsight have a dedicated monitor running at 1024×768.  They simply record this windows.

Unfortunately for me, that does not work so well because I’m doing all my work on a MacBook Pro with just two external monitors (neither of which run correctly at 1024×768).  So, my process is to create a 1024×768 window in the upper left hand corner of my Thunderbolt monitor (resolution 2560×1440).  I’m going to run camtasia recorder in a custom region sized 1024×768.  The challenge now becomes you have to align exactly your apps.  You’ll see from the video I’m attaching below that my steady hand is not so steady and I would never be able to achieve this exact positioning.

So, just a couple notes

  • You need to run Macro Express Pro as Admin
  • This will likely not work on anything but windows 8 on thunderbolt monitor
  • Small Adjustments may be necessary

The Macro Exported

    And the Video
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