Talking Tomorrow Night (11/27/2012) in Mountain View About Experience Submitting To Windows 8 AppStore

Tomorrow night, I’m leading a meetup to discuss my experiences at getting my first app (AgelessEmail) into the windows 8 app store.  I’m planning on talking about the process I went through including lessons learned.  You can read more details on the announcement page here.


Hope to see you there!

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Peter is a software professional specializing in mobile and web technologies. He has also been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. In addition, he’s a multi-course video author at Pluralsight. To read more about Peter Kellner and his experience click here. For information about how Peter Kellner might be able to help you with your project click here.

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  1. I enjoyed the talk, Peter. We’re taking you suggestion of pushing a simple app through
    the store for the experience.


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